How does Utah’s Divorce Statistics Compare to the Rest of the Country?

Marriage and Divorce Statistics Go Hand in Hand

Utah divorce statistics as compared to the rest of the country.
How does Utah compare in divorce statistics?

Where there’s marriage, there’s divorce. Let’s look at some marriage statistics in the U.S. and how Utah compares.

    • Nevada showed the largest number of weddings nationwide with 28.6 marriages per thousand people;
    • Idaho has 7.8 weddings for every 1000 people and comes it at number 10 in the nation;
    • Wyoming comes in at number 15 on the list with 7.1 marriages per 1000 people;
    • Colorado is number 12 with 7.3 marriages;
    • New Mexico is 39 with 5.9 marriages;
    • Arizona is 43 with 5.8 marriages;
    • California is 32 with 6.3 marriages reported;
    • Oregon is at 28, with 6.7 marriages.
    • And where did Utah come in? Number 4 with 9.0 marriages per thousand people.

Nevada has such a high rate of marriages due to the easy legislation it has for matrimony (e.g. an absence of a waiting period) as well as its many appealing sites for wedding ceremonies, which is also a reason for Hawaii’s high rate of marriages

What about the remaining states? Delaware came in at the very bottom, just after New Jersey which itself was preceded by Minnesota. Florida can also be found in the top 10 just above Idaho. Delaware, New York, and Utah have increased efforts to combat child marriage and its consequences, but Idaho is stuck with no real legislated minimum age for marriage causing a high rate of child marriages.

What about divorce statistics? At least according to one source, Oklahoma leads the pack with 4.4 divorces per one thousand people. Nevada, unsurprisingly, ranks as 2nd with 4.3 divorces. Utah ranks at 14 with 3.4 divorces per thousand people. Other states include West Virginia (3.5), Tennessee (3.5), Georgia (3.5), Arizona (3.5), Florida (3.6), Alaska (3.6), Arkansas (3.7), Kentucky (3.7), Alabama (3.7), Idaho (3.9), and Wyoming (4).

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