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A guardianship in Utah is a role much like that of a parent for a minor or an incapacitated adult. When you are a appointed as a guardian of a minor in Utah, there are legal guidelines you must follow to ensure the proper care and treatment of the minor. The responsibilities of a guardian are significant and you should understand your legal obligations fully before making the decision to take on this important role. Generally speaking you are required to act in the best interests of the minor but there are specific obligations the court will impose on you to ensure you are acting in this manner.

There are many reasons why individuals seek guardianship of a minor. In some cases, the parents of the child are disabled or incapable of caring properly for the child and another family member comes forward to take on the responsibilities of caring for the minor child. The child is typically referred to as the “ward” in legal terminology. Whatever your reason for seeking guardianship, we can help. If you are seeking to become the guardian of a child and you would like to speak with a Utah family law attorney for free, call us today at 801.618.1331.

Guardianship Laws in Utah

Know the guardianship laws in Utah before you start the getting into court. The process of filing for guardianship in Utah can be difficult without knowledge of the process. Many people choose to hire an attorney to represent them through guardianship process in Utah and there is good reason to do so. Without a good understanding of the guardianship laws in Utah, it can be difficult to go through this alone, and making a mistake in court could mean the judge denying your request to be appointed. One thing many people don’t know is that they will be required to take a court test and provide a certificate that they took the test to the judge before the judge will appoint them as a guardian of a minor. Other laws, if not properly followed could mean the dismissal of our case. For more information, or to speak with a Utah probate attorney in our office today, call 801.618.1331.

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