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Over the past couple years, it seems that more and more couples in Utah, and nationally, are turning to mediation as a more amicable and affordable means to terminate their marriage. Indeed, there is a current trend in this state, at least as we have seen with our clients, to first attempt resolution of divorce or other family law matters through alternative dispute resolution.

At Salcido Law Firm, our experienced divorce and family law attorneys are skilled not only in traditional representation, but also in mediation. Our experience as divorce lawyers allows us to provide mediation that is grounded in the reality and current trends of the courts.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation Over Litigation

So why the current trend towards mediation as opposed to traditional litigation? Well, the benefits of mediation as a means of resolving your family law dispute are many. Time and money are two of the most common reasons individuals turn to a divorce mediator. It is no secret that a divorce can drag out for literally years through the court system and costs thousands of dollars in legal fees. Mediation offers a quicker more affordable approach to traditional litigation. Other information regarding the many benefits of mediation can be found by clicking here.

The vast majority of mediations we provide result in a full settlement of all the issues between the parties. We know how to facilitate an environment of mediation in which both parties are provided the opportunity to address their concerns, and neither party is bullied or strong armed by the other.

Divorce Mediation – Free Consultation with Attorney Mediator

At Salcido Law Firm, we provide not only traditional legal representation, but mediation services as well. There is no charge to meet with a Utah divorce mediator to discuss if mediation is right for you. All of our mediators are practicing attorneys who understand the legal issues involved in divorce and other family law matters. If you and your spouse can agree to sit down with a neutral third party mediator who can facilitate a settlement between the two of you, call us now at 801.618.1331. We offer night and weekend mediations for those with busy weekday schedules. Call us today to schedule your mediation.

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