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Waiting Periods for Filing for Divorce

A recent news story in Utah addressed the question about whether or not Utah law makers should require a certain waiting period before divorcing couples could actually file for divorce. A new report published by the Institute for American Values indicates that many people have doubts about divorce even after they file and a waiting period could be beneficial to keeping families together. The report further demonstrated that in about 40 percent of couples who filed for divorce, at least one of the parties thought about reconciliation while the divorce was pending. The report called for legislation that would require a 1 year waiting period before a divorce would become final. To date, no lawmaker in Utah has picked up the legislation. Many people, including many family law attorneys in Utah do not agree with the proposals in the report.

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90 Day Waiting Period in Utah

While Utah does not have a 1 year waiting period for divorce, it does require that individuals who do not have children wait 90 days after their divorce petition has been filed before the judge will make it official. While those with children do not have to endure the 90 day waiting period, they must attend a divorce education program. In some cases, such as those in which the parties agree to finalize the divorce as soon as possible, the parties or their attorneys can ask the court waive the 90 day waiting period and obtain a divorce in a much quicker time frame.

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