Convicted Murderer Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

West Valley Man Is Sentenced For Killing His Father

On October 31, 2010, West Valley Police responded to a 911 call and found the body of William M. Seager lying on the ground in a black garbage bag. William Chad Seager, the victims son and the person who had made the 911 call had said that he found the body in that state, but then later admitted that he had pushed his father during an argument. The younger Seager stated that the head injury got worse throughout the night and eventually ended in his father’s death. Police found $1,100 in cash on the son which he explained was from a stash his father kept in the basement.

Charges and Plea Agreement

Seager was initially charged with murder but ended up pleading guilty to charges of manslaughter, robbery and obstruction of justice. The murder charge was lowered to manslaughter in connection with the plea agreement, which is a difference of a first degree and a second degree felony. Seager was sentenced to three 1-15 year prison terms, two of which will run consecutively and the other concurrently, resulting in the 30 year sentence.

Utah’s Violent Crime Attorney

Violent crimes are one of the ares of criminal law that is prosecuted very aggressively. There is almost always a clear victim with violent crimes, and clear standing for why the criminal should be punished if it can be shown that they in fact committed the crime. Not only do prosecutors try and convict the accused of the most serious charges possible when dealing with violent crimes, but the legislature has also set up some very serious consequences for violent crime convictions. With all of this against a person accused of a violent crime it is important to have an attorney to help defend and fight against such charges. The lawyers at Salcido Law Firm are prepared to protect your rights and will help you obtain the best results possible. Call today for a free consultation.

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