The Different Types of Child Custody Arrangements in Utah

Within divorce cases involving children it is important for parents to consider and be familiar with the different kinds of custody.

Legal Custody

Legal custody refers to the parent that makes all the major decisions within the child’s life. Any legal decision that must be made for a child such as education, welfare, health, drivers’ license, religion etc. will be made by the parent holding legal custody of the child. Sole legal custody refers there being only one parent who is able to make these decisions. Joint legal custody means that both parents possess legal authority of child. Two parents can share joint legal custody without having joint physical custody.

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to the parent that possesses the physical responsibility to care for the child. A decision such as where the child will live and the other physical aspects of the child’s life is the responsibility of the parent that holds physical custody. Sole physical custody means that only one parent of the child has these responsibilities.

Joint physical custody, also known as shared custody or dual residence, refers to both parents having physical custody. In this situation the child or children live with one parent for part of the week, month or year, and then live with the other for the remaining portion. Within shared custody the child’s time spent with the each parent is typically equal.

Salcido Law Firm Can Help

Divorce cases with children involved can become extremely tedious and messy. If you are facing divorce and have children, find an attorney who understands each aspect of custody that you may face. Within divorce cases there are many disputes as to the custody of children. Let a Utah child custody attorney from ­­­­­­the law firm of Salcido Law Firm help you in reaching your goals and reaching the best option for you and your children. Call 801.618.1331 to schedule a free consultation and learn what the best options there are for you and your family.

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