Driving Patterns Which Indicate DUI in Utah

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When driving, it is sometimes hard to be aware if you are doing something that could initiate your being pulled over by a police officer. There are various signs that a police officer will look for that can allow them to pull you over. Most of the signs that they look for are to help them detect a DUI. Some of the things that a police watches for and can pull you over for are listed below.

Driving Patterns Permitting a Police Officer’s Stop

1.       Weaving – Weaving refers to the alternate movement of a vehicle towards one side of the road then back the other. This creates a zig-zag movement.

2.       Turning with a Wide Radius – This happens when the vehicle makes a turn that is unnecessarily wide.

3.       Straddling – Straddling is when the vehicle drives between the traffic lines.

4.       Swerving – A swerve is detected as an abrupt turn when on a generally straight course. Swerving usually occurs as a driver notices a barrier ahead.

5.       Almost Striking Objects or Other Vehicles – The observed vehicle strikes stationary objects or other vehicles on the road.

6.       Accelerating or Decelerating Rapidly – When a vehicle is accelerating or decelerating suddenly or randomly.

7.       Slow Response to Traffic Signals – If a driver is slow to respond to traffic signals a police officer is able to pull the vehicle over for further inspection. A slow response is a cue that officers look for in someone who might be impaired.

These are only a few of the many clues that allow a police officer to pull you over.  Most of these clues are used to suspect a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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