Non-Criminal Consequences for Utah Parents with Drug Problems

Everyone knows that the possession, production, or distribution of illegal drugs can result in stiff fines and penalties, but in Utah there are other ramifications for parents who use drugs.

The Juvenile Court System

You are probably aware that the Utah Juvenile Court system is responsible for adjudicating crimes committed by teenagers and other young people.  In this responsibility the juvenile courts have a lot of discretion to make orders to ensure that the child will reform and become a law abiding citizen.

Utah juvenile courts, however, also have authority to remove children from parents who are not providing proper care and support.  In this regard, parents who use drugs in front of their children, are in the presence of their children while under the influence of drugs, drive a vehicle while intoxicated, or otherwise expose their children to illegal drugs will fall under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court system, or at least their parental rights fall under the jurisdiction of the Utah juvenile courts.

Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency Proceedings

Typically, parents who suffer from drug problems and have children will be sued by the Department of Child and Family Services, which is represented by the Utah Attorney General’s Office.  The DCFS will bring an abuse, neglect, and dependency proceeding.  If it can be shown by a preponderance of the evidence that the parents use drugs around the children or expose their children to a drug culture the court could remove the children from the parents’ home, change custody to another parent, or make other necessary orders.

Salcido Law Firm – Protecting Parental Rights in Juvenile Court

Once a parent is sued in a Utah juvenile court they are facing an uphill battle.  Statistically speaking if you are hauled into juvenile court as a parent you are in for some problems.  In such situations you need an experienced attorney who can help you.  Call the Utah juvenile lawyers at Salcido Law Firm to protect your quasi-criminal rights in Utah juvenile courts.

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