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Don’t Incriminate Yourself by Talking to Police

The United States Constitution protects many individuals from government abuses.  One such right protected is the right from self-incrimination.  This right is embodied in the fifth amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The fifth amendment reads in part that no person shall “be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.”  This means that a person does not have to testify against himself at a trial, or say anything to police at any time during an investigation.  The person has a right to remain silent.  Despite this protection though, and no matter how hard a Utah criminal defense lawyer tries to keep people from incriminating themselves, people continually tell police information and provide evidence that destines them to a criminal conviction.  Many times people think that if they cooperate with police and self-incriminate themselves then they will somehow get off easier.  This is seldom the case.

Stay Silent in Marijuana Possession Cases

Drug crimes, especially marijuana possession, is one of the most common crimes people self-incriminate themselves in.  Usually people will get pulled over while driving for a traffic crime, or a police officer may come to a home on a report of a violent crime but end up investigating a person for marijuana possession because of the smell emanating from a car or home.  An officer will say something like “Where’s the weed?” or “Hand over the weed and make this easier on yourself.”  A person has no obligation to hand over the weed though.  Too often, however, people not only hand over the marijuana but also give an officer paraphernalia such as a bong.  A person is now facing charges of marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia because they wanted to cooperate to with police.

After someone has self-incriminated himself, there isn’t as many options for a Utah criminal defense lawyer to use to defend him of the marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges.  This is why people who are being investigated for a drug crime need to simply stay silent.  They can simply tell police that they wish to remain silent and will not speak to them without a Utah criminal defense lawyer.

Remain Silent Until You Hire a Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are being investigated for a crime, such as marijuana possession or drug paraphernalia, remain silent until you hire a Utah criminal defense lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.  Our attorneys will protect you from making statements or providing evidence that will incriminate you.  The police may trick you into believing that it will be easier for you if you just confess but don’t believe them.  For help with your drug crime charges call Salcido Law Firm at 801.893.1787.

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