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Child Custody Problems When A Parent Relocates

When a divorce or child custody decree is entered by a Utah court, it is usually entered based on the fact that both parents live in Utah within a reasonable distance from each other.  This arrangement usually exists because both parents want to see a child and be a part of his or her life despite a divorce or separation of the parents from each other.  There are many times though, that after a divorce or child custody arrangement has been settled, one parent will move out of state or many hours away within the state from the other custodial parent.  When a parent does relocate, it can cause a child custody problem necessitating the need for a Utah family law attorney to be involved.

Parent Relocation and Child Custody Rights

Utah law defines a parent relocation as moving from the state of Utah or 150 miles or more from the residence specified in the court’s divorce or child custody decree.  When a parent relocates, the parent must provide advance written notice to the other parent.  This reasonable notice should be given 60 days prior to the intended relocation.  The relocating parent’s notice must contain the following affirmations:

  • The parent-time provisions in the divorce or child custody decree, or  a schedule agreed to by both parents, will be followed.
  • A parent will not interfere in the other’s parental rights as defined in a divorce or child custody decree, or the schedule agreed to by both parents.

When parties cannot agree to a parent-time visitation schedule for a school age child, a minimum parent-time schedule provided for by Utah law may be instituted for a parent who moves away from the state.  Parents must abide by the schedule unless otherwise ordered by the court.  A Utah family law attorney can explain the schedule and what options are available to a parent who wishes to establish a custom parent time schedule.

Utah Family Law Attorneys Protect Parental Rights

If you are moving from Utah, or your child’s other parent is relocating far away from the child, and you need an attorney to protect your parental rights, contact a Utah family law attorney from the Salcido Law Firm law firm.  Our lawyers will protect your child custody rights and work hard to ensure your child’s interest is put first.  Our competitive prices make a family law attorney available to you.  Contact us by calling 801.618.1331 today.

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