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Emergency Parent-time Problems

Many family law problems in Utah can take many months to resolve.  A divorce for example, can even take years depending on if it is a contested divorce as opposed to an uncontested divorce.  Many people who are part of family law cases easily become frustrated with the pace of their case because to them everything that is happening is an emergency.  This can especially be true when child custody issues are at stake.  Luckily, a Utah family law attorney knows of ways to speed up the process in some instances.  One way to speed up a family law case is by filing a motion to expedite visitation enforcement.  A visitation dispute may seem like an emergency to many because their right to see their children is hindered in some way or they may believe the child is subject to physical or sexual abuse.  This emergency parent time problem can be more quickly handled than other types of family law cases.

Expedited Visitation Enforcement

When a Utah child custody lawyer files a motion alleging that a court-ordered parent-time rights are being violated, the clerk of the court will refer the case to the administrator of the expedited visitation enforcement program and the administrator will refer the case to a mediator.  An expedited visitation enforcement motion can only be filed at the third district judicial court though.

When the mediator receives the case, the mediator must meet with the parents within 15 days of the motion being filed to address parent-time issues.  The mediator must try to facilitate an agreement between the parents and may refer the case to a service provider designated by the Department of Human Services.  After a mediator or another service provider evaluates the case, a judge may make orders to the parent-time agreement or order the parents to take further steps before a parent-time dispute can be resolved.  The expedited visitation enforcement process can also protect children from parents accused of sexual or physical abuse.  A child custody lawyer can address this issue in the motion.

Protect Your Visitation Rights and Your Child

If your parent-time visitation rights are not being enforced, or you want to protect your child from physical or sexual abuse from another parent, you need to contact a Utah lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.  Our lawyers have the expertise and knowledge of Utah family law to protect your visitation rights and to protect your child.  Our competitive lawyer’s fees will allow you to receive the legal help you need.  Contact us today for a consultation by calling 801.413.1753.

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