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Firing Upheld for Officer’s Actions During Traffic Stop

Many people complain about the treatment they receive from Utah police officers during a traffic stop.  People complain of verbal abuse, excessive force, and other actions considered rude or offensive.  People along the Wasatch Front and southern Utah have little recourse against harmful police excessive force though, because the actions are usually within the realm of accepted police activities.  Occasionally however, an officer exceeds his or her authority and is actually reprimanded for behavior.  One such case recently happened pleasing many Utah criminal defense attorneys.

The case involved an assault by a former Utah Highway Patrol trooper.  The trooper assaulted a woman with a closed fist six times after she refused to cooperate with troopers trying to pull her over.  The woman was intoxicated and driving under the influence of alcohol.  She was also stopped for reckless driving.  When the trooper, along with other police officers, stopped the woman, she refused to get out of the car or otherwise cooperate with police.  The trooper feared the woman would drive off so he assaulted her by punching her with a closed fist six times.  This excessive force was not within the acceptable actions the trooper could have taken against the woman.  The trooper was fired from the Highway Patrol and an appeals board sustained the firing.  Unfortunately, his unacceptable behavior may continue because he is now a police officer for Ogden City.

Protect Yourself From Police Excessive Force

While most police officers act within their authority, there are those like the trooper who assaulted the woman who overstep their bounds.  Utah criminal defense attorneys can help those people who have been treated poorly by police.  Before a Utah criminal defense attorney is involved though, people can protect themselves by cooperating with police.  Cooperation does not mean speaking to them though.  Utah law requires you give an officer your name, address, and other personal identifying information but you do not have tell them anything else.  The best thing to do if arrested or investigated for a crime is to remain silent and to call a Utah criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Protect You From Excessive Force

If you feel you have been mistreated by the police, you have been arrested for a crime, or currently under investigation for a crime, contact a Utah criminal defense attorney from Salcido Law Firm.  Our lawyers will protect your rights and make sure a police assault or other excessive force actions by police are held accountable.  Contact one of our firm’s criminal defense lawyers today by filling out our criminal questionnaire or by calling 801.413.1753.

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