Commuter Marriages and Divorce

Maybe you have heard of the term “Commuter Marriage,” or you can probably guess what the term means. Commuter marriage is a situation in which a married couple lives apart for financial or other reasons. This does not refer to the simple arrangement where couples have to commute each day to work. Rather, commuter marriage refers to the situation where couples live in entirely different locations and must commute to see each other. The data available for these types of relationships suggests such marriages often lead to severe financial and emotional problems. It is not hard for one to imagine how difficult living apart can be when married under these circumstances. Information recently collected from the U.S. census bureau suggests more than 3.5 million couples are living in this type of arrangement. This number increased 17 percent in the last few years. Some experts believe commuter marriages are often the result of financial necessity, where one of the individuals has to travel for employment. Another reason why couples choose to commute their marriage is when they are required to move for one reason or another but are unable to sell their home. In that case one spouse must stay in the home while the other moves away for employment and income. These arrangements may increase during tough economic times so it is no strange thing the census information shows a 17 percent increase last year when the economy has been in recession and millions of homes are underwater.

Separate Maintenance and Legal Separation

Unfortunately, in some cases of commuter marriages, one spouse abandons the other. In these situations the abandoned spouse has the right to continued support if necessary from the other person. The law does not permit one person, especially when there are children involved and the other person is financially destitute, to walk away from the marriage with no continuing legal obligations. Speaking with a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can help you understand what your rights are in the event of abandonment by your spouse. Occasionally, a couple who is living in a commuter marriage may decide to legally separate during the process. Filing for legal separation can ensure your rights to custody, property, support, and other matters are protected.

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