Feds Bust $4 Million Meth Operation in Utah

Back in February of 2012, the drug enforcement administration made one of the largest meth busts in Utah’s history and promised more significant busts were to come. They were not wrong as once again this week the DEA seized over 57 lbs of meth from a single vehicle passing through Utah. The DEA called this most recent bust the most significant pre planned meth bust ever in the history of the state. The 57 pounds of methamphetamine taken was tested to be between 97 to 100 percent pure. So, not only did the police confiscate a very large shipment, but the product turned out to be incredibly pure as well. The undercover agents involved in the bust estimate the load had a retail value of between $4 million and $6 million.

The investigations which lead to the controlled purchase and bust started a year ago when the DEA began investigating the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Mexico and their connections with running methamphetamines and other drugs through western states like Utah. The meth confiscated in this case is believed to have originated in Mexico and produced in a super lab just over the border. Authorities estimate that 90% of all meth in Utah comes from Mexico‘s super labs. The mega labs in Utah are becoming less common as more and more meth is flowing in from Mexico and new methods for making meth allow people to make it in the back of the car. Officers have busted several of these car labs in recent months in Utah. In the case described herein, the police officers located the product in the ceiling of the truck rolled up and stuffed into piping.

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