Motion to Bifurcate in a Utah Divorce

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Contested divorce cases in Utah can sometimes run for many months and even years  The emotional toll that a divorce action takes on an individual can be enormous and when there is a spouse who delays the proceedings just to stick it to the other spouse it can seem like there is no end in site.  It can become extremely frustrating.

Most divorcing spouses just want to get through the divorce and move on with their lives.  It can’t always be a quit and smooth process, however, because the parties often have children and assets that they fight over.  In situations like that, there is fortunately a way to get a divorce without having to reach a final resolution on the asset division and child custody arrangements.


In Utah you can file what is called a motion to bifurcate your divorce action in order to get you divorced as quickly as possible without finalizing everything else.  Bifurcation essentially splits the divorce action in half: one half dealing with just the divorce itself; the other half dealing with custody, asset division, alimony, child support, etc.  A motion to bifurcate asks the court to enter an order granting the parties a divorce.  When that order is entered the parties are officially divorced and they can then continue on through court proceedings to take care of the other issues.

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