Arsonist Charged for Setting Multiple Fires in Utah County

Law enforcement official recently announced a suspected arsonist in Utah County was apprehended and charges will be filed. In the small town of Elkridge located between Spanish Fork and Payson, several homes were set ablaze by an arsonist. In the areas known to locals as Loafer Canyon, at least 5 homes were set ablaze over just a few hours. It was suspected a local was to blame and it appears the police have their man. Turns out the suspect who was arrested was a volunteer fire fighter for the community. It is suspected the individual responsible for the fires may even have helped to later bring the flames under control. This ironic twist seems to be quite embarrassing for the city. Neighbors banded together organizing watches and information sharing. This year the wild fires have been blazing out of control throughout the state of Utah and the rest of the western U.S. Other arsonists have been charged in Utah as well. It seems to be a growing trend this summer that not only Mother Nature is causing destructive fires, but also individuals as well.

Arson Charges in Utah

Arson charges in Utah carry significant penalties. Anyone charged with these types of crimes should seek legal counsel and representation as soon as possible. Utah takes these types of cases extremely serious and most people charged with these crimes face felony charges which carry the potential for many years of prison. Last year a woman was charged with setting fire to an apartment building in Provo that caused a complete destruction of the building and multiple injuries to tenants. Anytime someone is injured by an arson crime or any other type of criminal behavior, the severity of the charges are typically increased. If you or someone you know has been charged with a related crime, you should call Salcido Law Firm immediately to get representation in the matter. Whether you are innocent or not, you are guaranteed the right to be treated fairly in an often difficult criminal process in Utah. Contact us today by phone or email to get your questions answered.

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