Domestic Violence Defense in Utah

Domestic Violence is a Moniker Not A Crime

When an individual is facing a crime involving domestic violence in Utah, the crime itself is not domestic violence but something else such as assault or criminal mischief.  The term “domestic violence” is a category or description of the type of crime involved.  Thus, many different types of violent crimes and property crimes can fall under the category of “domestic violence.”

The most typical kinds of domestic violence crimes include assault and criminal mischief.  Assault is when someone physically harms someone or threatens someone with imminent physical harm.  Thus, hitting, slapping, kicking, and throwing things at another is an assault and when it involves husband and wife and others who live with each other or who have lived with each other in the past is considered domestic violence assault.

Criminal mischief is when one damages the property of another.  Although you cannot commit criminal mischief on property which belongs to you law enforcement nearly always tacks on a criminal mischief charge in a domestic situation when household items are broken or damaged.

Family Crimes Lawyer

Domestic violence crimes tend to be the most common crimes in any given city in Utah and they typically involved family members such as husband and wife.  We represent those who have been charged with domestic violence throughout the state and we are particularly sensitive when such cases involve husband and wife or other family members.  Many couples get into arguments and fights but want to reconcile and want the police to leave them alone after the fact, but that doesn’t happen.  Once the police get involved they don’t get un-involved.  We can help you if your family has been pulled into a domestic violence case.

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