Woman Goes on Crime Spree Throughout Utah

A Utah woman was recently apprehended by authorities and accused of multiple crimes throughout the state from the northern border to Spanish Fork Utah. According to police, a 20 year old woman stole her father’s car and committed multiple crimes over a month long period until police finally caught up with her. The woman’s father first reported his car had been stolen by his daughter shortly after Thanksgiving, the police found his vehicle parked on the side of the Timpanagos Highway 5 weeks later. When the vehicle was found, the police also found several items in the vehicle they later determined to be stolen. After stealing the car, the woman used a stolen credit card in Orem. She then headed to Price where she is suspected of several car break-ins and burglaries. She is also accused of at least 1 vehicle break in and theft in Spanish Fork. At one point, the woman even tried to sell several items she had allegedly stolen to a pawn shop in Midvale. The police were surprised she was able to evade the law for so long as she allegedly committed many crimes throughout the state for several weeks. The authorities also suspect there may have been an accomplice involved.

Utah Theft Attorneys

Sometimes people make bad choices and commit a string of theft crimes believing that when they didn’t get immediately caught the first time, they can continue to do it and will never get caught. We understand that every now and again someone may have a lapse of judgment and may steal something when they normally wouldn’t or when they never have before. No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, we are ready to take your defense to help ensure you get a fair process and can get back on the right track. Whether you have been charged with vehicle theft, burglary, credit card fraud, or simply bouncing a check, we can be there for your defense. In some other cases, people may be innocent but make the mistake of believing there case will get worked out and they don’t need an attorney. Whether you are innocent or not, you have the right to, and absolutely should have, a Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer for your case. Call us today at 801.618.1334 to speak with a member of our team now.

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