Danica Patrick Files for Divorce | A Prenup Example

Danica Patrick announced she was filing for divorce from her husband of 7 years this month. However, the famous female race car driver does not seem to be too concerned about how the divorce proceedings are going. When recently asked about the pending divorce and whether or not she believed it would be a battle and distraction, she seemed to mostly shrug it off and indicated she felt good about the way it was going. Patrick’s divorce has been reported all over the globe. In recent years she has become one of the most famous and recognizable female athletes on the plant. Even if you are not big into Nascar or racing, you probably would recognize Patrick as the Godaddy girl. We always hear about these celebrity and high profile divorces being such a battle and dragging out for many years in some cases. So why does Patrick seem to be so cool and in control of her situation these days? Why doesn’t she seem to be panicked or worried this divorce is going to drag out and cost her millions? We think the answer is simple…Patrick and her husband reportedly signed a premarital agreement that took alimony, among other things, off the table for either party. Supposedly most of the financial issues are already defined in the pre marital agreement so all there is left to do is divorce and divide the assets as already set forth in their binding agreement.

Enforcing Prenuptial Agreements in Utah

Generally speaking, prenuptial agreements are enforceable in Utah and as long as a few general contract principles are met in the contract, there is little to fight when a prenup is signed and on the table. At Salcido Law Firm, we have drafted numerous pre and post marital agreements and to date have never had one overturned in court. If you are considering executing a premarital contract, having a qualified attorney draft the instrument is key to getting a binding document you can rely on. There are many online services for contact drafting like prenups that you should avoid. Boiler plate forms you may find online may not be the best solution for your specific case. Thus, before you do anything, call and speak to one of our professional Utah Divorce Lawyers today. We can be reached anytime, day or night, at 801.618.1331.

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