Utah’s Displaced Homemaker Program

Legislature Fails to Reauthorize Program

Over two decades ago the Utah State Legislature approved a program that provided assistance to homemakers charged with the task of re-entering the workforce after losing support from their husband. This lose of support could come from death, loss of work, a disability, or even divorce. The State helped fund this program through an extra $20 fee for marriage licenses. For divorced women or other women who needed to re-enter the workforce, the program assisted them in obtaining training, networking, and career counseling. However, the legislature recently decided that the program is not as useful as it once was and either needs to be discontinued or revamped. The program is currently scheduled to expire in 2012 and unless the legislature decides to reinstate a new type of program, divorced women and others will be left on their own. Some representatives are not sure that the program is helping as much as the private sector options, while others feel the need for this type of program is greater than ever.

Financial Effects of Divorce

Although the justice system provides for support through alimony and child support, divorced women often find it necessary to go back to work.  It is important to take these financial concerns into account when working through a divorce, and the experienced lawyers at Salcido Law Firm can help you do that. Call us today to find out what we can do for you. 801.618.1331

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