Magna Man Shot Then Booked

Magna Man in Jail After Leaving Hospital

Last Thursday police were called out to the home of Louis Gregg in Magna. Gregg  reportedly had previous run ins with his neighbors across the street and a protective order was already in place. Despite the protective order, Gregg had threatened to kill a 14-year-old that was named under the order, which spurred the call to the police. According to the neighbors Gregg suffered from a mental illness that he refused to medicate for. When the police arrived at the home Gregg threatened the officers with a pipe and was then shot by one of the officers. Gregg was flown to the hospital in critical condition but was later released in stable condition and booked into jail. Gregg is being held at over $17,000 bail for a number of charges including the violation of the stalking injunction and for resisting arrest. If Gregg goes to trial on these charges it is very likely that his mental health issues will play a big role on whether or not he is competent to stand trial and will then influence the trial itself.



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