Utah Woman Arrested for Using Drugs While Babysitting

Utah Woman Overdoses

A Utah woman was arrested today in Lindon after overdosing on drugs.  Police received a call early this morning about a woman who was collapsed on the front porch of a home.  When they arrived they found the woman struggling to breath.  The evidence suggested that she had overdosed on heroine.  The woman’s boyfriend allowed them into the home to search for drug paraphernalia.

While searching the home the police found an eight month old baby inside playing in a play-pen.  The baby was not hurt and appeared to be fine but the police were surprised to find a baby in the midst of all of the drug use.  Because the woman was babysitting while using the drugs she will face child neglect charges in addition to drug charges.

The woman’s boyfriend ran away from the police while they were attending to the woman’s medical needs and the baby.  He had several warrants out for his arrest and will most likely face child neglect charges in addition to his drug charges.

Criminal Charges will not go Away

It was not the best idea for the man to run away from the police.  He probably knew about his warrants and that he would be charged for drug possession.  Criminal charges don’t go away, however, no matter how hard a person attempts to run away from them.  It would have been best for the man take care of the warrants and the charges when the police were at the home.  A judge will not look favorably on someone trying to avoid drug and other criminal charges against him or her.

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