Utah Supreme Court Rules Appeal Moot

Juvenile Charged as an Adult

In 2009, 16 year old Ricky Angilau was charged for the shooting and killing of another teen.  Even though he was still a minor, prosecutors charged Angilau as an adult with murder, a first degree felony.  Initially after being arrested, because of Angilau’s age, he was detained in a juvenile detention center with other teen offenders.  A few months later, however, Angilau was moved to a regular adult jail.

Utah law at the time did not allow him to be held at an adult facility because he was a minor.  His attorneys appealed his detention in an adult facility to the Utah Supreme Court arguing that his holding was a violation of the Utah and federal constitution.

Utah Supreme Court says issue is Moot

The Utah Court this week held that the issue of holding Angilau was moot because the Utah legislature had amended the law to allow juveniles charged as an adults to be detained with adults.  The Court also noted that even if they addressed whether it was legal for a juvenile to be housed in an adult facility Angilau is 18 years old now and there would be no way for the Court to grant any relief.  Under the law he is now an adult so he must be housed in an adult detention center.

The Utah Supreme Court also said that “the the statutory claims are unlikely to recur” so there was no need for any further explanation.  Angilau’s petition for relief was denied and his murder trial will now proceed.

Our Lawyers will Defend Murder Suspects

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