Utah Warrantless Arrest Bill – HB 59 – Fails 3-9 in Committee

Looking to Extend Warrantless Arrests

According to Utah state law police officers have the authority to arrest without a warrant if a public offense is committed in the presence of the law enforcement or if there is reasonable cause to believe a felony or a class A misdemeanor has been committed. There are further exceptions within these two but other than those exceptions a police officer must have a warrant to arrest.

At the beginning of this year a bill was issued to amend a Utah state law that is specific to warrants and arrests. HB 59 – Arrest and Requirements – With or Without Warrants, proposed that peace officer’s hold the authority to arrest without a warrant if there is reasonable cause to believe any misdemeanor has been committed, not just a class A misdemeanor. This bill basically grants undue police force and holds a greater risk of potential abuse. Allowing law enforcement the power to make warrantless arrests for violating any misdemeanor would give more power than is necessary to law enforcement. Thankfully the bill was not very popular and as a result, did not pass in the legislative committee (it failed 3-9).  You can expect, however, that this bill will resurface in the future.  Utah law enforcement is seeking ever more power and control to interfere in personal lives.  Make sure to contact your legislator in opposition to this bill.

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