Utah Theft Laws

Yesterday in Kearns, Utah a woman was working out at her local gym when her purse and car keys were stolen. Before going to a water aerobics class Marsh Cross put her belongings in a locker in the changing room but did not have a lock for the locker. While she was in her class someone took her car keys and went out to her car where they took her purse. Before Cross could cancel her credit card the thief had already spent $300 at Home Depot.

Utah’s Theft Statute

In Utah theft is defined by the following statute: “A person commits theft if he obtains or exercises unauthorized control over the property of another with a purpose to deprive him thereof.” U.C.A. 76-6-404. When aggravating factors are involved the defendant can be charged with a more serious offense. Some examples of aggravating factors are the use of a weapon, threats, or prior convictions.

Utah Crimanal Defender

In the case of the Kearns woman there is video evidence of the perpetrator and she will more likely than not be caught by the police shortly. Stealing never pays off and no matter what kind of situation you are in you should never resort to theft. If you have already made a mistake and need help dealing with theft charges make sure you call a Utah criminal defense lawyer. 801.618.1334

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