Factors Utah Courts Consider in Deciding Alimony

Alimony Issues in Utah

Alimony is often one of the most heated items that a divorcing couple argues over.  Usually, the person who earns the majority of the income for a couple wants to pay less alimony than is expected, while the non-income or less-income earning spouse wants the other to pay more than is expected.  Along with child custody, alimony causes people to fight incessantly and it emotionally drains all parties in the fight including the Utah divorce lawyer.

Many people expect their Utah divorce lawyer to be able to get exactly what they desire concerning alimony.  While a Utah divorce lawyer works hard for their clients, they cannot always achieve all of their client’s desire because often the clients expectations can be too high or unrealistic.  Clients may want or think they deserve certain things from a divorce settlement, but a Utah court is the ultimate decision maker when it comes to divorce settlement issues such as child custody or alimony.

Factors Utah Courts Consider in Determining Alimony

Even though a Utah court decides the details of a divorce settlement, they follow Utah law in deciding a settlement’s details.  The Utah State Code sets out seven factors that a Utah court should consider in determining alimony.

Those factors are 1.) the financial condition and needs of the recipient spouse; 2.) the recipient’s earning capacity and ability to produce income; 3.) the ability of the payor spouse to provide support; 4.) the length of the marriage; 5.) whether the recipient spouse has custody of minor children requiring support; 6.) whether the recipient spouse worked in a business owned or operated by the payor spouse; and 7.) whether the recipient spouse directly contributed to any increase in the payor spouse’s skill by paying for education received by the payor spouse or allowing the payor spouse to attend school during the marriage.

Get Help With Your Alimony Concerns

Understanding these factors courts use to determine alimony will help those who are going through a divorce to better set realistic alimony goals.  A Utah divorce lawyer can help individuals better understand these factors.  If you are going through a divorce or are thinking of filing for a divorce, call a Salcido Law Firm lawyer.  A Salcido Law Firm lawyer will help you through all your divorce needs and fight hard to satisfy your alimony needs.  Call 801.618.1331 for a free consultation with a Utah divorce lawyer today.

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