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The Utah Marijuana Laws are incredibly harsh, much more so than some of its neighboring states. Unlike many other states in the west including California, Colorado, and Oregon, Utah allows for no flexibility on marijuana use. As we know, Oregon and Colorado recently decriminalized marijuana for personal use. While additional other states are also considering decriminalizing marijuana for personal use, the Utah state legislature has been moving in the opposing direction increasing penalties for marijuana possession. Most notably, in recent years marijuana laws have been expanded in Utah to include the suspension of your driver’s license if convicted of a marijuana possession or paraphernalia charge. Even if you are not accused of driving under the influence of marijuana or something driving related, you can still lose your driving privileges just for simply being in possession of weed.

Medical Marijuana Not Valid in Utah

Utah does not allow for medical marijuana nor does it recognize out of state licenses for medical marijuana. We receive many phone calls each month from individuals who are charged with marijuana possession and/or paraphernalia not realizing their out of state medical marijuana license did not protect them in Utah. Many clients explain they told the police right upfront they had marijuana on their person or in their vehicle because they thought it would not be a problem since they had lawful prescriptions from a doctor. This is not the case and we caution everyone to know the specific state laws that apply on these issues wherever you may be.

Marijuana Charges and Penalties

If you are charged with possessing marijuana of less than 1 oz, you will likely be charged with a class B misdemeanor which carries the potential for jail. Anything over 1 oz and you could be talking about a much higher charge including a possible felony. Also, if you are arrested with any amount of marijuana in a drug free zone, you will likely be facing a higher offense.

Salcido Law Firm Can Help!

Everyone charged with possession and/or paraphernalia should speak to a Utah Marijuana Attorney as soon as possible. Hiring a lawyer can help to ensure you are treated fairly in the process, that you get the best possible outcome in your case, and that your rights are protected. Marijuana charges are serious in Utah and a Salt Lake Criminal Defense Lawyer at Salcido Law Firm can help. Call us today for more information. Call anytime at 801.618.1334.

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