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When you are appointed as a guardian in Utah, you will be required to perform certain duties and will have several responsibilities for your ward. The “ward” is the legal term for the individual to whom you have been granted guardianship over. Generally speaking, as a guardian you assume the role of a parent over the ward. Additionally, unless a separate person is appointed as the conservator of the ward, you may have responsible for managing finances of the ward. Below are a few of the primary responsibilities you assume as a guardian.

Guardian Duties in Utah

Here is a list of the basic duties of a guardian in Utah.

  1. You will have physical custody of your ward.
  2. You must establish your ward’s home.
  3. You must provide for your ward’s care, comfort, and arrange for your ward’s education.
  4. You must provide for your ward’s personal effects.
  5. You must manage your ward’s medical care.
  6. You may give consent for your ward’s marriage if allowed by law.
  7. You may consent to the adoption of your ward under certain circumstances.
  8. You must protect your ward’s finances and property.
  9. You must manage your ward’s finances for future needs.

Just as important as the duties you must perform are the things to remember a guardian may not do.

  1. You may not sell your ward’s property or dispose of it unless you are also appointed as conservator.
  2. You may not vote on behalf of your ward.
  3. You may not decide your ward’s religious preference.
  4. You may not draft a will or change a will on your ward’s behalf.
  5. You may not physically punish your ward.
  6. You may not neglect appropriate medical care for your ward.
  7. You may not leave your ward unattended if they need care.
  8. You may not commit your ward to a psychiatric hospital without consent from the court or the ward.

Utah Guardianship Attorney

Many individual who are seeking guardianship choose hire an attorney for both the process of obtaining guardianship as well as for managing and understanding their role as a guardian once they assume that role. If you are seeking guardianship over a minor child or an incapacitated adult, we can help. For more information, call and speak with a Utah Guardianship Attorney at our office today.

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