Utah Heroin Crimes and Defense

Within the seed pod of the Asian poppy plant hides a substance known as morphine. Morphine is a pain reliever that is often medically used to treat severe pain. The affects of morphine can last for more than a few days. The substance known as heroin can be synthesized from morphine as well. This substance is voluntarily placed into the body through injection, smoking, snorting or sniffing. These kinds of administration of the drug allow the heroin to travel quickly to the brain.

Within the body and brain are receptors known as opioid receptors. When heroin reaches these receptors in the brain the drug converts to morphine and allow the individual to be void of pain. This feeling is extremely pleasurable and often referred to as a “high.” The brain stem within the body also has opioid receptors that can be affected by the heroin. The brain stem is crucial to the body’s automatic processes such as breathing and blood pressure.

Individuals who have injected heroin into their bodies express the feeling of a rush going through their bodies. This “rush” can cause symptoms such as flushing of the skin, dry mouth and clouded or unstable mental functioning.

Like many drugs, the body will build up a tolerance if regularly used. Because the body builds tolerance to it, more of the drug is needed to stimulate a high. Many users of heroin will become addicted.

There are some serious health problems that are created by the abuse of heroin. Some of these health problems can include the collapsing of the veins, infection of the heart valves and kidney and liver diseases. The body adapts itself to the drug and is soon dependent on it. If a user tries to discontinue administration “cold turkey,” he or she will experience severe symptoms.

Given how addictive heroin can be many users find themselves doing anything they can to get the drug.  Such acts can even include stealing to get the money to pay for it.  Like other drug crimes, possession and use of heroin can result in felony charges.

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