Domestic Violence Charges in Utah

When Does One Commit Domestic Violence?

Physical or emotion abuse within a relationship from one to control the other is known as domestic violence. Domestic violence is a willful act by one set upon another to harm. These acts of violence can have negative emotional and psychological consequences on victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence can exist within all kinds of interpersonal relationships. There are also many different levels and examples of abuse within domestic violence. Some of these examples can include name-calling, withholding money from a partner, sexual assault, stalking, threatening, physical harm, and even keeping a partner from contacting friends or family. Violence that is considered criminal is considered so when there is physical assault involved. Anything from, pushing to actually hitting can be considered criminal in domestic violence. Emotional, psychological and financial abuse are generally not considered criminal behaviors, however, these forms of abuse often lead to criminal abuse.

Domestic violence is a serious crime and results in some serious consequences. Some of these consequences include a permanent criminal record, time spent in jail, charged with a fine and/or a restraining order against you from the alleged victim. These consequences will have a major impact on current or future employment as well as other personal influences. Being charged with domestic violence can have a serious influence in your life. These influences can result in life-long consequences. It is important to find an experienced attorney who takes into account all of these consequences.

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