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Utah Police Intimidate People into Compliance

Utah police officers can be intimidating for many people.  A police car’s flashing lights, an officer’s gun, or the big shiny badge they wear can inflict fear into the hearts of the guilty criminal and the innocent citizen.  Because of a police officer’s intimidation factor, many people feel obligated to allow a police officer to do whatever he or she may ask.  Some may think that failing to obey any request by an officer will result in an arrest.  This belief is can be a costly one however.

One bad example of obeying any Salt Lake City or other officer’s request was revealed a few months ago.  A Utah woman was pulled over by a Provo police officer and instead of writing her a ticket, he requested to see her breasts.  She complied and he then groped her.  The Provo officer was ultimately fired for his act, but the damage was done.  The woman should have never complied with his request.

You Don’t Have to Allow Utah Police to do Whatever they Request

Police officers have power to stop and talk to people.  They can demand identification from people and individuals must comply.  But, when police ask to do something you can say no.  Fearing police, most Salt Lake City and other Utah city residents allow police to do whatever they ask.  When police come to a home and ASK if they can search it for marijuana possession, every homeowner has the right to say no.  Without a search warrant, they cannot search a home without the owner’s consent.

Every person should protect his or her rights by saying no to police officers.  Too often people voluntarily allow police officers to search their home or car only to be arrested for marijuana possession or other drug possession.  If ever unsure about your rights when interacting with police, call a criminal defense attorney regardless if you have something to hide or not.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Marijuana Possessors

If you have been charged with marijuana possession, or any criminal offense because you allowed a police officer to search your property, call a criminal defense lawyer from Salt Lake City and Provo based Salcido Law Firm.  An attorney from Salcido Law Firm will protect your rights in a marijuana possession or other criminal case.  Call a lawyer today at 801.618.1334 for a free consultation, and remember, if an officer asks if he can do something, say NO.


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