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Marijuana charges are extremely common in Utah. Unlike some of the sister states here in Salt Lake City Marijuana Defense Lawyerthe west like Colorado, Oregon, and California, Utah Pot Laws are extremely harsh. If you have been charged with a weed related offense in Utah, you really need to retain the services of a Salt Lake City Marijuana Defense Lawyer to help ensure you do not get the book thrown at you for what many consider a harmless offense. That is where we come in; we represent numerous people each month who have been charged with possession, paraphernalia, distribution, or other related offenses involving cannabis. In many of the cases we handle our clients were pulled over and profiled for petty offenses, the police then searched their vehicle (sometimes illegally), and find small to large amount of marijuana inside. Often, for no reason at all, the cops will call out a drug dug to run around your car. These types of stops and searches have been going on all over the state of Utah and have frequently been performed by teams of Utah Highway Patrol troopers on I-80 and I-70. These major highways run east and west from California to Colorado. Since marijuana for personal use was decriminalized in Colorado, it seems as though troopers in Utah have stepped up the number of out of state vehicles they are pulling over on these highways and checking for weed. You have fourth amendment rights against these types of illegal search and seizures. You do not have to roll over and be stuck with class B drug related charged on your record. Call us right now to get a free assessment of the facts of your case and sounds legal advice on how to proceed.

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The Salt Lake Criminal Defense Attorneys at Salcido Law Firm are experienced in handling the most complex drug distribution cases, to the most common simple possession cases. No matter what your circumstances, having a qualified attorney on board can make all the difference in making sure your rights are protected and your case is resolved in the best way possible. Don’t take any chances by just pleading guilty to a drug charge and hoping for the best. Most drug charges carry the potential penalty of 180 days in jail or more. Before you just resign yourself to a guilty plea and potential jail time, call and speak with us today by calling 801.618.1334.

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