Are You Letting Contention With Your Ex Hurt Your Child?

Divorce is Naturally Contentious

If you’re going through a divorce or have been divorced, chances are you will have some bad blood with your ex.  This is not always the case.  Many couples are somehow able to move on without harboring ill will toward the other, but in most cases the former couple has some contention between them.  That is just the nature of breaking up a personal human relationship.

Contention and Children

We see divorcing couples acting selfishly all the time.  They are primarily concerned with what they think is best for himself or herself and do not really put the needs of their child first.  In such situations they will convince themselves that what is best for them is best for their child as well, but that is usually not the case.

Utah divorce courts are primarily concerned with the best interest of the child and if the contention between you and your spouse is at a high level, the judge will not like it and will make decisions to deescalate the contention.

When the divorcing parties are constantly fighting and filing motion after motion to stick it to the other party, the court is going to intervene quickly to bring down the level of animosity because ultimately it is the parties’ children who will suffer as a result of the parents’ decisions.

You’ll Be Dealing With Your Ex Your Whole Life

Like or not, you’ll be dealing with your ex for the rest of your life if you have children, so you really need to do everything you can to co-parent with your ex so that your child will have a healthy upbringing.  A child who has parents who are at each others’ throats all the time, divorced or not, will be negatively impacted.

As divorce attorneys we try to bring our clients down to reality in representing them because reality is sobering in divorce cases and because divorce cases are so emotionally driven, we often times have to do just that.

So, before you fight with your ex, think about how it will affect your children.  If you do that simple thing your child will benefit greatly.

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