Ride Share Fines in Salt Lake City

Ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are coming under intense scrutiny in Salt Lake City over the past couple months. Taking their regulations to a whole new level, Salt Lake City Police recently conducted sting operations, scheduling rides with Uber and Lyft drivers, then dishing out ride share fines to the tune of $6,500.00. This insane fine amount is per citation so some individuals reportedly received multiple citations for this amount. Yes, it sounds crazy, especially when you consider the fact that individuals using these services are not complaining or causing any concern. The overwhelming number of ride sharing users provide positive feedback on the services. So why then does Salt Lake City fill the need to step in?  The city argues these services need to be licensed and bonded in the same manner as taxis to ensure the driver’s are safe, insured, and not a risk to the public. Well, in our opinion, there is no need for law enforcement to intervene in this area. This is simply government getting in the mix to cure imaginary problems. To our knowledge there have not been any significant complaints by the public to law enforcement regarding these services. Ride share fines should not be of a such a ridiculous amount.

Lyft and Uber RespondRide Share Fines

The ride sharing services are responding in a significant way against Salt Lake City and other cities across the country seeking to penalize their drivers with fines. Lyft and Uber have agreed to provide a legal defense to their drivers and also cover the costs of any ride share fines or penalties assessed against them. The companies believe they will be victorious in court on these matters and are willing to stake everything on it. You have to commend the companies for standing by their services and drivers. How all of this will play out remains to be seen but there are some indications SLC will be backing off their high fines and current tactics. If you or anyone you know, whether a driver or rider of these services, are charged or fined with anything, let us know. We would like to help in ensuring the free market in this area remains free by taking legal fights on ride share fines in Utah.

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