Lost Your Cool? Get Protected by a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence & Road Rage Charges Require a Utah Attorney

The unfortunate reality living in Utah is that there are disagreements between individuals.  Utah is not a utopia fill with butterflies and flowers.  Situations can become confrontational quickly causing even the most level headed individuals to act rashly and forget all the things they have ever been taught by their parents.  These confrontations don’t just revolve around major policy decisions, such marijuana legalization, they can be simple arguments existing for decades, such as what school is better: BYU or Utah?

While most people laugh or sneer at such frivolous arguments, they are slow to realize the times they have lost their cool to the detriment of their character.  Too often people are arrested for domestic violence issues because they don’t get to have the remote, or domestic violence charges are filed over a fight to decide who has to take out the trash.  The most cool and composed may one day face the grim reality of domestic violence charges, but if this happens, it always best to hire a Utah criminal defense attorney.

Road Rage Turns Into Raging Regret

Many people believe they would never do anything to hurt another person or would never lose control.  Perhaps the man in Utah County that followed a grandma for several miles because of a road rage incident believed he was under control.  A woman was traveling from Lehi to Cedar Hills on Thursday when a man began following her in Lehi honking and making obscene gestures, typical road rage behaviors that many people have probably engaged in.  But the man extended his road rage by following the woman all the way to Cedar Hills until she arrived at her destination.  The man then got out of his car and harassed the woman.

The man said he was a good man with a wife and kids.  He must have thought he was under control because he said what he was doing was perfectly legal.  The woman snapped a photo of the man with her cell phone and now police are asking the public to identify him so they can question him.  He probably now regrets his road rage actions and wished he would have kept his cool.  The man will probably need to hire a Utah criminal defense attorney to help protect his rights if the police want to question him.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You Through Your Mistakes

If you have ever lost your cool and done something that has resulted in criminal charges filed against you, call a Utah criminal defense attorney from Salcido Law Firm.  A Salcido Law Firm attorney will protect you if you are facing charges of domestic violence, road rage, or any other offense.  Salcido Law Firm will ensure your rights are protected and work hard for you to receive the best outcome possible.  Call 801.618.1334 for your free consultation with an attorney.

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