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We are noticing an increase in the criminal defense matters which also incorporate some type of immigration problem.  There are several things that come into play when immigration issues pop up in state criminal matters.

Immigration Hold

One thing that is involved in any state law criminal defense matter that involves an immigration issue is the immigration hold.  An immigration hold is placed on someone who has been accused of a crime and taken to jail.  The immigration hold prevents the accused from being released from jail even if the accused makes bail.  Instead, the accused must also get what’s called an immigration bond, which is basically a way to get bailed out of the immigration hold.

Return to ICE’s Custody

Once you go through the state court proceedings to defend against your criminal matter and are either convicted, acquitted, or the case is dismissed, you will once again be placed in ICE’s custody.  (ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the department of the federal government which handles immigration enforcement.) Once in ICE’s custody a number of different things could happen.  You could be tried by an immigration court and involuntarily deported; you could be voluntarily deported; or, you could be permitted to stay in the United States.

Salcido Law Firm Can Assist You With Your Immigration and Criminal Matters

If you are facing criminal charges in a Utah state court and have an immigration hold, call the Utah criminal defense attorneys at Salcido Law Firm.  We can guide you through the process of defending against your criminal charges in a way that will minimize your exposure to the negative consequences often associated with the immigration laws of our country.

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