How Will a Court Approach a Utah Child Custody Dispute?

Your Child’s Interests are Paramount

Within family law and child custody disputes, a good lawyer will hold the interest of the children in the highest regard. There are many factors which a court will look at in a child custody dispute to determine how custody should be awarded but every case is unique and will be examined for the specific factors present in that case.

When Do Custody Disputes Arise?

Most often custody disputes are the result of a recent divorce between parents. There are cases, however, where some other third party, such as a relative (grandparent, uncle, aunt, etc.), may seek custody of a child or children due to the death of parents or incapacity of a parent. Additionally, custody disputes can arise between couples who are not married and who never have been married. Parents are privileged with the legal obligation and presumed capability of supplying the proper care of their child. If this presumption is challenged by revealing the incompetence of a parent in caring and providing for the welfare of a child then the law may intervene and make a determination of how custody should be awarded.

Factors to Consider

There are many factors that a court must look into in order to establish the proper custody. Factors that the court will consider include what type of relationship a parent has with his or her child, a parent’s education, which parent most able to provide financially, what living conditions are like with a parent, how a parent provides emotional support, illnesses that may exist with residents of the home, and many more important factors. A court will consider what is the best interest of the child in looking at each of these factors.

Utah Child Custody Lawyers

If you anticipate a dispute concerning child custody, get a family law attorney from Salcido Law Firm.  Our lawyers understand the importance of addressing concerns and seeking proper resolutions that would best benefit the child within a custody dispute. Call to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our attorneys at 801.618.1331

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