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For many years now, the Utah Courts have been offering a class designed to help children of divorcing parents. The class was began as a way of providing information and support to children whose parents were divorcing, and has evolved into a program to help children of certain ages cope with the change of a new family dynamic. The class is tailored to the specific issues that children often face when their parents are divorcing. Unlike the Divorce Education Classes for parents in Utah, the child class is not mandatory. However, there are many benefits to taking your kids to this class and we highly recommend it.

Is the class helpful?

Many of our clients have reported positive feedback about the way the course is taught and the skills their children picked up by attending the class. The course focuses on communication between the child and parents who are now separated or divorced. The class is taught be experts, a counselor and court commissioner, who understand the emotions and problems children face in divorce. In fact, we have not heard anything negative about the class and believe it has been a great benefit to many families we have represented.

Child Divorce Education Class Information

The course is targeted to children who are 9 -12 years old since these children often have the toughest time adjusting to divorce. The course is not provided every week but is offered on select Saturday and Mondays. The schedule for the course is typically posted 3 months in advance and can be found on the Utah State Court’s website. You must register for the course by contacting the course administrator.

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At Salcido Law Firm, we highly recommend the child divorce education class offered by the courts. If you would like more information about this unique opportunity for your children please call us anytime at 801.618.1331.

A Utah Divorce Lawyer at our office can help you determine when the next courses will be offered and are pleased to provide answers to any further questions you may have.

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