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Cedar City is a small town located in Southern Utah. Many people are charged in Cedar City and surrounding areas in Iron County each year. Sometimes, people who are just visiting or are pulled over just travelling through the area wind up with a DUI or drug charge. If you are not from the area, you may be surprised to find out how aggressively the local police department and prosecutors can be in pursuing drug charges or convictions for drunk driving. If your charged in this area of the state, it makes to hire a Cedar City Criminal Defense Attorney familiar with the local courts and customs. Cedar City is close to a number of favorite tourist destinations such as Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. If you are from the area, you probably know how the small town works and understand the importance of getting legal representation.

DUI Attorney in Cedar City

Cedar City is a tough place to be charged with a DUI. The prosecutors here zealously defend DUI charges and are not quick to offer reduced plea bargains. If you were charged with drunk driving in Iron County, you will need representation from a DUI Attorney in Cedar City who can take the time to review each piece of the evidence and define clear strategy to get you the best possible outcome. At our office, we go through the evidence of your case in detail, request dash cam videos, and look at all options for resolving your case through dismissal or the next best alternative. If the police did anything wrong or violated your rights in pulling you over and investigating your for DUI, we will pursue those aspects of your defense.

Iron County Courts

If you were charged with a Class A misdemeanor or felony, you will likely find yourself in the following court:

Fifth District Court
40 North 100 East
Cedar City, UT  84720
(435) 867-3250 Phone
(435) 867-3212 Fax

If you were charged with a misdemeanor, you will likely find yourself in the following lower court:

Iron County Justice Court
82 North 100 East #101
Cedar City, UT  84720
(435) 865-5335 Phone
(435) 865-5349 Fax

Free Consultation with Iron County Lawyer

At our law office, we represent individuals charged with any type of crime in Cedar City. From serious felony cases such as burglary, assault or even homicide, to less serious offenses such marijuana possession, DUI, domestic violence, or other charges, we can help. Call us today for a free consultation with an Iron County Lawyer.

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