Abuse of Psychotoxic Chemical Solvent

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The war on drugs will probably continue forever.  With every new law outlawing some sort of substance, inventive individuals find new ways to get high.  These new ways to get high will become popular and then they will be outlawed by the Utah State legislature.  Another new drug will emerge on the market though and the whole cycle will begin again.  There is no end to what people will do in attempts to get high.  Even legal substances enable individuals to get high when used in the wrong way.  A simple bathroom cleaner can become a drug when the fumes are inhaled or “huffed.”  Abuse of a psychotoxic chemical solvent is illegal though and being charged with it will require the services of a Utah criminal defense lawyer.

Abusing Psychotoxic Chemical Solvents

Utah Criminal Code 76-10-107 states that a person is guilty of abuse of psychotoxic chemical solvent if a person attempts to get high by smelling or inhaling the fumes of a solvent.  A person is also guilty merely from purchasing solvents with the intent to use them to get high, or purchases the solvents to offer, sell, or provide the chemical solvent to another person knowing that the individual or a third person is going to use the solvents to get high.  Abuse of psychotoxic chemical solvents is a class B misdemeanor.

Though abuse of a psychotoxic chemical solvent is not as common as other drug abuse, such as marijuana use, it still happens and is still a drug charge.  Drug charges have serious consequences if convicted so it important to have a Utah criminal defense lawyer protecting your rights.  A charge of abuse of pshychotoxic chemical solvents can be levied on a person for buying a lot of household cleaners if a police officer believes the cleaners are going to be used to get high.  Protect yourself and hire a Utah criminal defense attorney.

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