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Today, the Utah Supreme Court heard arguments of whether a delay in a Utah State employee’s delay in registering a Florida man’s paternity notice violated his constitutional rights.  The Florida man, Ramsey Shaud, is fighting to regain custody of his daughter who was adopted in 2010 in Utah.  His daughter is now 20 months old but Mr. Shaud still wants custody of his daughter.

The mother of the child informed Shaud that she was Pregnant in in 2009 but then went to Utah from Florida.  Mr. Shaud filed with Florida’s Putative Father Registry soon after learning of the mother’s pregnancy.  He then tried to assert his parental rights in Utah since the mother would be staying there.  Confused at what he needed to do to assert his rights, he retained a Utah family law attorney.  His Utah family law attorney filed a paternity suit.  The state records office received the petition on January 14, 2010 but it was not filed with the court until January 20, 2010.  The baby was born January 15, 2010 and subsequently adopted.

Delay Cost Father His Daughter

Mr. Shaud was denied custody by the trial court and appealed his ruling to the Utah Supreme Court.  The main issue argued before the Court is whether the delay in the filing by the state employee is a violation of Mr. Shuad’s due process rights.  He felt he was taking all the action necessary to ensure he was protecting his parental rights.  Unfortunately, he may have been a few days late.  The Utah Supreme Court won’t come out with a ruling for several months so even if they rule in Mr. Shaud’s favor and he is able to gain custody of his daughter, she will be over two years old and it will be two years of her life Mr. Shuad was unable to spend with her.  Even with an attorney, Mr. Shaud’s rights were not protected very well.  This is why with any adoption, child custody issue, and other family law issues it is important to quickly hire a Utah family law attorney.  Any delay in a family law issue may cause a person to lose a case even before it starts.

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