A Reminder from Commissioner Patton in Provo

Yesterday in the Fourth District Court in Provo Commissioner Patton gave the parties in our case some good advice and a good reminder for any lawyer or party involved in a divorce action.  He wanted to remind our clients that it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to fight over every little thing because ultimately divorce cases are guided by rules that are applied pretty consistently throughout the state by judges.  Specifically, he wanted to remind our clients that the more they fight about things the more money they will be paying their attorneys, which means the more money they won’t have when the case is finally settled.

He also wanted to remind our clients that judges tend to split marital property right down the middle and it is really rare for one party to be awarded more property than the other.  His point was that cooler heads should prevail because it will be to everyone’s advantage.

Commissioner Patton’s advice is sound.  At Salcido Law Firm our family law attorneys are some of the most experienced around and from that experience we have learned that if the parties can settle, they should.  No one really comes out a winner in a hotly contested divorce case.  The parties are much better off to work on things to settle matters amicably. This is especially true for parties with children.  They will have to deal with each other their entire lives so they might as well learn how to work together.

We advocate vigorously for the best interest of our client and in most cases their best interest requires that we work efficiently toward settling their case.  It’s good every once in a while for parties to hear from a judge or commissioner that they should really work toward getting the case settled and giving up some of their pride to make their situation the best that it can be not only for them but for their kids.

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