West Valley Teen Leads Police on High Speed Chase

16-Year-Old Boy Arrested Early Monday

At about 2:45 this morning a police officer pulled up next to a vehicle that was at a stop sign without it’s lights on. The officer attempted to ask the driver of the vehicle some questions through the window of the vehicle, but was not satisfied with the answers he received. So the officer exited his vehicle to go investigate further, but when he exited his vehicle the driver sped away. The driver was a 16-year-old boy who went on to lead the police in a high speed chase for about 15 minutes. The chase reached speeds of about 90 mph and included a spike strip and a PIT maneuver that eventually stopped the vehicle. The boy, who is now in custody in a juvenile detention center, attempted to escape on foot after the vehicle was stopped, but was captured by police in a nearby field. The car was later discovered to be stolen.

Running From the Police…Not the Best Idea

As we see in popular culture and every once in a while on the news, running from the police is something that is sometimes considered by criminals. The normal outcome of such behavior is usually just additional charges. If a person is being stopped by a police officer and they believe they have committed a crime or have a warrant out for their arrest the best thing to do is not run. The smartest thing to do, from a legal standpoint, would be to tell the police nothing, and consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

The Value of a Good Attorney

With the help of an experienced lawyer most offenders can minimize the damage of criminal behavior. By not disclosing too much information to the police you leave yourself the option of fighting the charges and at least getting them reduced. If you admit everything you’ve ever done to the police then you have basically plead guilty before ever entering in a court and you have subjected yourself to the courts punishments, regardless of whether or not you really have committed an offense. The common person does not understand the ins and outs of every criminal offense and thus cannot be sure if they have in fact committed a crime. If you have been charged with a crime then call us right away. Our attorneys are experienced in Criminal Defense and can help you get the best outcome available.

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