Ways You Can Be ‘Arrested’ in Utah

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Different Ways to Be ‘Arrested’

There are two kinds of arrests.  There is the non-custodial citation arrest and the full custody arrest.  Both types of arrest require probable cause, but the citation arrest is usually used for minor offenses such as traffic crimes or possession of drug paraphernalia.  Utah and its cities like Salt Lake, authorize police to use their discretion to issue an arrest citation for such minor crimes, such as marijuana possession in small amounts, and then to release an arrested individual after giving him or her a citation.

A person in Utah given a citation must respond to the citation, either by pleading guilty and paying the fine for the offense with possible jail time, or by appearing in court to contest the guilt with a criminal defense attorney.  Even for minor offenses, however, Salt Lake and other Utah police may retain the discretion to perform a full custody arrest.  Most often police will perform a full custody arrest when arresting a person for a more serious crime such as a large amount of marijuana possession.

Most Arrests for Marijuana Made Without a Warrant

Once a Salt Lake police officer has forcibly detained a person for committing a crime, the officer will take the suspect to the police station or jail for booking.  Once a suspect is booked, he or she will be jailed or possibly released to await the outcome of the Salt Lake prosecutor’s review of the case and decision to charge.

The large majority of arrests in Utah are made without warrants.  When police do seek an arrest warrant, they do so because it is required by law or for some other practical reason.  Utah prosecutors often work together with police in preparing the necessary documents for a judge to authorize an arrest warrant for such things as marijuana possession.  People often have arrest warrants out for them without their knowledge.  A Utah criminal defense lawyer can help people find out if they have a warrant out for them as well as getting the warrant repealed.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys Protect Arrestees

If you have been unfortunate enough to be arrested for such crimes as marijuana possession, call a criminal defense lawyer from Salt Lake Valley based Salcido Law Firm law firm. A Salcido Law Firm criminal defense attorney will protect your rights whether you have been issued a citation or detained through a full custody arrest.  Call 801.618.1334 to speak with a Utah criminal defense lawyer today.

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