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The Utah Uniform Fine and Bail Schedule is a guide to help judges determine the appropriate fines and bail amounts to be set in any particular case. It sets standards so there are less disparities between judges sentences from one court to the next. The guide is published each year by the administrative office of the courts. It is very helpful for lawyers and their clients because any charge can be looked up in the guide to determine what the possible fine and bail may be imposed in any given case. However, it is important to note that a judge is not required to impose the fine and bail amounts listed in the guidelines, but rather the judge has discretion to lower or increase fines depending on the circumstances involved. Generally speaking, most sentences include the standard bail schedule fine, but you should always speak with a lawyer before making that assumption in your case. A good Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you determine what your likely court fine and other penalties may be for your particular charges.

The guide assumes that in every case the court should impose a fine and that other penalties may be ordered in addition. The guide states the following assumptions apply to sentencing in Utah:

  • The penalty for all public offenses should include a financial sanction as a minimum base from which the judge may determine the total sentence, dependent upon aggravating and/or mitigating circumstances of an individual case.
  • The cumulative effect of appropriate penalties such as probation, community service, surcharges, restitution, victim reparation, rehabilitation treatment programs, home confinement, court costs and periods of incarceration, should constitute the total sentence.
  • The enhancement or reduction to the basic fine should reflect the severity of the offense, the extent of victim injury or property damage loss, the risk which the offender poses to society, the offenderʹs criminal and person history, and related factors.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in Utah, and have questions about what the potential fine/bail could be in your case, give us a call today. A Salt Lake Defense Attorney in our office can discuss the particular facts of your case and provide you with an assessment of your potential sentence if convicted. We will also help you understand what the court may consider as mitigating or aggravating circumstances in your matter if any apply. Additionally, for a copy of the Uniform Fine/Bail Schedule in Utah call or email us now and we will email you a copy.

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