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Well not long after we posted this, Utah County decided to make spice illegal in the unincorporated portions of the county.  Another example of Big Brother trying to protect us from ourselves.  At Salcido Law Firm we are criminal defense lawyers who are very experienced in drug crimes defense, whether marijuana, heroine, crack, meth or anything in between.  Our experience in defending against drug possession, distribution, and production charges make us a natural for defending against the newly created crime of possessing spice. We are your Utah spice defense lawyers.

Spice DUI?

With spice being an illegal controlled substance, law enforcement officers can now cite individuals for spice DUI.  Utah DUI law prohibits driving under the influence of any drug if it impairs the ability to safely drive.  Utah law enforcement is certainly going to allege that driving while under the influence of spice impairs a driver’s ability to drive safely.  You can bet the Utah prosecutors will argue the same and do all they can to put spice users in jail.

If you have been cited for a spice DUI or other drug crime contact us.  We know how to defend you against such allegations.  Our spice DUI defense lawyers are extremely dedicated to protecting your rights and to making sure the state that not over step its bounds.  If you are serious about your spice DUI defense, contact us by phone at 801.618.1334 or 888.337.3235 or you can email us by clicking here.

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We offer free consultations for your spice charges.  Set up an appointment with one of our criminal defense lawyers today to learn more about the spice laws in Utah and how our spice defense lawyer team will protect your rights.  There is no obligation when you meet with us, but we are confident that after you sit down with us you will find that there is no reason to go anywhere else.  We will provide you the best spice defense around.

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