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Hundreds of people are served with protective orders in Utah each month. Protective orders are one of the most common actions brought in the courts and not all of them are justified. In fact, many protective orders are filed every week that are completely without merit and meant only to harass or to gain an advantage in a divorce or other family proceeding. At Salcido Law Firm, you can retain a highly experienced Utah protective order defense attorney to help ensure your rights are protected through this difficult process.

Consequences of a Protective Order

A protective order carries potentially severe consequences. For instance, if a permanent protective order is entered against you, you may lose gun and hunting rights. Additionally, a protective order may show up on a background check and prevent you from obtaining certain state licenses or employment. Some people are even terminated from their job after an employer learns of their protective order. Despite this, some people choose not to hire a lawyer even though they have the ability to do so. Do not make this mistake. No matter how solid you think your case is and defense, you should have an attorney defend you. Many clients come to our office after a protective order was entered against them wanting to appeal the court’s decision. It is always tougher to appeal these case than it is to get competent legal counsel involved at the outset. Your best shot at winning a protective order is to prepare with a defense lawyer and win at the initial hearing.

The Process

When someone files for a protective, the court will in most cases grant an automatic temporary protective order and set a date within a couple weeks for a hearing to determine whether or not the temporary protective order should be made permanent. You will be served notice of the hearing as well as a copy of the protective order documents. You must attend the hearing and bring a convincing defense or the protective order will be entered against you. Our Salcido Law Firm, we have represented numerous individuals in protective order proceedings. We understand what it takes to win these cases and how to give you the best chance of success. To speak with a Utah restraining order lawyer at our office today, call 801.618.13341. We have offices throughout the state from Salt Lake to St. George. We offer free consultations and are available 24/7.

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