Utah Makes Spice Illegal | Hill Air Force Base Cracking Down

Utah Officially Makes Spice Illegal

At the end of last month, Governor Herbert signed House Bill 23 officially making it illegal to sale, distribute, produce, or even possess Spice in the State of Utah. The bill provides tough penalties for not only selling, but also producing, distributing, and possessing the synthetic cannabis. The state has now outlawed a product which has been sold as incense at many smoke shops throughout the state of Utah for some time without significant problem. Some law makers argued that the synthetic drug was being used in high amounts recreationally by teenagers and that driving under the influence of the substance was dangerous. Despite these allegations, no substantial proof or data was considered in making this determination.

Hill Air Force Base Cracking Down on Spice

Since February 2011, officials at Hill Air Force Base have been cracking down on Spice. The base has been conducting a significant number of random drug tests including tests for Spice. Historically, the military has not tested for Spice chemicals. But all of that is changing as numerous court martials and other disciplinary action have been handed down at Hill and other bases in Utah after service members have been coming up “hot” for Spice. This despite the fact that there is not adequate data sufficient to suggest service members could not properly perform their jobs while under the influence of Spice and until just recently, Spice was not a legally banned substance.

Utah Spice Defense Lawyer

Salcido Law Firm has been the premier and forefront law firm in defending accused individuals of Spice charges in Utah. We strongly opposed the recent Spice legislation and will continue to protect and defend the rights of both service members, and the public at large who choose to use Spice. If you have been charged with a Spice or a related crime, call and speak with a Utah Spice defense lawyer at our office immediately. We are available during the week and on the weekends anytime at 801.618.1334.

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