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Dividing Assets

One of the common realizations about divorce, is that separating couples have to figure out how to divvy up their “stuff.” Most married couples live in such a way, while married, that most thing are jointly owned (whether that is the legal status or not). So when those parties decide to file for divorce, figuring out who gets what can be quite difficult and can also be a hotly contested issue for the divorce proceedings. If the parties cannot settle this issue on their own the court will make a decision as to “equitable distribution.” The court will look into each parties circumstances to determine what is equitable and will make a decision that they consider fair, not necessarily equal.

What Property is Divided?

In a lot of situations the divorcing parties think that property division isn’t going to be an issue for their divorce. Some people may think they don’t really have much property so it won’t be a problem. This however is a misconception because a lot of the property divisions issues involve things that some may not necessarily consider to be property. Some of the most common property issues involve: dividing debts, retirement plans, life insurance, tax considerations, and welfare benefits. So even those who don’t have a lot of physical wealth may still have property division issues.

Utah Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never a pleasant expereince for anyone and as you try and deal with the emotional stress of the event, you shouldn’t also have to worry about all the other issues like property division. By hiring an expereinced family law attorney you can be sure that your interests will be protected and that you will be happy with the divorce decree long after it is filed, not just happy with the fact that you are currently done dealing with the situation. Call or email Salcido Law Firm today to set up a free consultation and to find out how we can help you through this difficult time.


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