Utah Divorce Decrees

The Decree Will Govern Your Relationship

When a couple with children decides to divorce there are many factors they consider. Often times the fact that they will have to continue their relationship with each other for the rest of their lives doesn’t cross their minds.  They sometimes hope for a clean cut and a new start without the influence of the other in their lives.  The truth is, however, divorcing couples with children will have to face the truth that they will always be involved in each other’s lives.

That is where the divorce decree comes in.  Unfortunately, many divorcing couples cannot stomach to be around each other or even talk to each other.  The contention between them has risen to such a level that they cannot work with each other in any facet of their lives.  In order to help prevent contention the law has evolved to include a divorce decree in every divorce proceeding in order to govern the parties’ relationship after the divorce is finalized.

Finances and Child Custody

The divorce decree sets out the terms of how the the parties will split finances.  Of particular note is alimony.  If one party is required to pay the other spouse spousal support the divorce decree will state exactly how that is to occur.  If the paying spouse fails to pay he or she can be held in contempt and even be sent to jail.

Likewise, the divorce decree will establish exactly how the parties are to share visitation with the children.  The parties must abide by those terms and the only way to change it is to go through the judicial process for a divorce decree modification.

Get a Good Utah Divorce Attorney

Once of the most important things you can do is get a good divorce attorney to ensure that the divorce decree includes all of the terms you need to provide for a easy transition into your new life.  We can help.  Call us at 801.618.1331 and let us make this process as simple as possible.

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